TouchTab Factory Reset Procedure

To access the built-in factory restore utility, which is the quickest method to restore the TouchTab to its factory settings, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Ensure that the TouchTab is turned off.
  2. Hold down the + Volume Key and keep it held down while plugging in the power adapter.
  3. Release the + Volume Key.
  4. Hold down the + Volume Key.
  5. Keep the Volume Key held down and hold the Power Button down until the TouchTab starts to boot.
  6. When the Android Robot appears on screen release the + Volume Key.
  7. Hold the Power Button down and press the + Volume Key and the Android System Recovery menu will appear (see below). Release both buttons.
  8. Use the Volume Keys on the top of the tablet to scroll up and down the menu on screen.
  9. Scroll down to the "wipe data/factory reset" option by using the Volume Keys, and press the Power Button to enter the option (see below).
  10. Then scroll down to "yes – delete all user data" and press the Power Button to enter the option (see below).
  11. You will be taken to a screen where the system will show that it is wiping the data and factory resetting the TouchTab (see below).
  12. 1. Once the data has been wiped from the TouchTab, you will see the text "Data wipe complete"
  13. 2. Select the option "Reboot system now" by using the Power Button to select the option (see below).
  14. You will see the TouchTab reboot and you can then use the tablet as normal.